Art on the Second Avenue Subway – Part 2

Like last week, I am playing with Spark Page to share strong visuals I recently experienced on the Second Avenue Subway line in New York City.

Make sure to visit these striking permanent art installations by renowned artists Chuck Close and Sarah Sze (Part 2, this week) and Jean Shin and Vik Muniz (Part 1, last week) when in New York.

At 86th Street, I met a member of staff who proudly showed me his picture taken with Chuck Close in front of one of his mosaic work. These art installations definitely made him re-think his appreciation of his working environment…something that should apply pretty much everywhere for everybody’s benefit.

Please click the link below and enjoy the ride!

© 2017 Ingrid Westlake

All pictures by Ingrid Westlake, unless otherwise stated.

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7 thoughts on “Art on the Second Avenue Subway – Part 2

    1. Ma chère Nathalie, “un jour j’irai à New York avec toi”, can you hear the music😂?? Let’s do it soon, I will be your guide 😉 It’s really a pleasure to share these beautiful artworks and I really thank you for reading and letting me know how much you like it! 😘


  1. Whaou, it’s amazing how the faces of Alex Katz and Lou Reed are realized !!!

    To make Kara Walker’s face so full real with a lot of small mosaic circles, it’s “bluffant” !!!

    The self portrait and Sienna, are of a finesse! It looks like a photo…

    The end of the walk on Second Avenue is destabilizing! No wind in the subway and yet the papers fly away !!!

    Super Ingrid !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Chuck Close’ portrait mosaics are absolutely stunning. The varying textures of the different mosaic techniques he uses makes looking for all 12 portraits a sort of treasure hunt! As for the wind, it is a stroke of genius actually because sometimes there is wind from the oncoming trains but Sarah Sze delivers it in a very poetic way, I found…


    1. Never too late to comment, the mosaics are permanent works of art commissioned for the stations. You should go see them for real!


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