Coordinates on my grid

With gemmology and luxury goods as professional background, I thought I knew the reference axes on my grid. Precious stones, jewellery and style. Anything visually striking…

Yet, my life journey keeps on adding coordinates. Travels, photography, art, yoga, seeing through the eyes of my children, running, cooking, studying History of Art… My grid keeps on extending. My grid morphs as I keep linking the dots, tracing parallels, always finding new “ways of seeing” (RIP John Berger).

So I keep my eyes open. I see, or better, I look. I never stop learning while reinventing my everyday life.

May this blog be about never forgetting the gratitude I owe to the people who added coordinates on my grid and the visual feast that life can be.


Crescent Lunge Twist in front of Bruno Romeda’s Quadrato in Vevey, Switzerland.

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4 thoughts on “Coordinates on my grid

  1. Ingrid how would you define “your grid”? is this notion comes from Yoga? I read that it was necessary to leave his own grid to attein the state of “Samadhi”. Is it the same grid ???

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    1. Marion, thank you for such an inspirational comment. I don’t think I can define my grid in so many words and that’s why I have started this blog. I recognise so many points and intersections on my “grid” and I feel I need to try to straighten it out a little in my head, get to some structure and organisation to evolve further. As my grid touches on subjects that I love sharing about and can hopefully bring some reflexions to others, I thought I would try…but I never knew it was linked to a yoga concept! Love that instinctively again, everything is linked!
      It sounds like you are further on your yoga journey than I am as I had not read about Samadhi until you mentioned it so thank you for making me explore this. It definitely resonates at many different levels so even though I did not have a name for it, I definitely feel this. I would say I am only at the concentration stage (first stage, dharana) though and it is a subject I will write more about at some point soon because it’s completely linked to my yoga practice, my running and my trip to Nepal (although it was not a pilgrimage to Mount Kailash 🙂 Reaching the next stage, the meditation stage (dhyana), why not? I have quite a few friends I really admire for their dedication to meditation: I just wish I had more time to venture onto this…but who knows, maybe I will graduate to it as I travel “my grid”. I am hoping some people I know are interested in the subject will bring their view and expertise to this…let’s not stop the conversation at this, I promise to explore this in a post soon.


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